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We've been asked this many times since the concept of the micro-farm is somewhat new.  Currently, there is no definitive definition but we think to be a micro-farm, these set of criteria are necessary:


1. Production can feed not only the family but easily others on a consistent basis.  It should also be large enough to practice crop rotation and companion planting and big enough to ensure a biodiversity of crops that can be grown all year long, not just in the main growing months.   Size does not matters as part of the definition but given the premise that crop rotation can happen, it is certain bigger than most gardens.

2. The farm has other facets of a farm other than growing vegetables like perennials (fruits, berries) livestock, composting, bee-keeping, seed-saving etc.

3. It is an operation that can be worked solely by the owners without outside assistance.

4. It is a growing area where each bed and growing space is intimately known and attention can be paid to every aspect of the growing.

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