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JUL21 Farm to Kitchen to Table: A Culinary Exploration into Cancer Prevention

This first-of-its-kind farm to table cooking class at Blum Center for Health will focus on the topic of cancer. Pamela Yee, MD will lead the discussion on the nutritional aspects of cancer prevention both for those hoping to prevent cancer but also for those who want to prevent a re-occurrence of their disease.

Dr. Yee has been passionate about growing nutritionally dense organic food for nearly a decade. She has a micro farm where she and her husband grow all the vegetables and herbs from seed and maintain a permaculture area for fruits and medicinal plants. Her micro farm, Hook Mountain Growers, will be providing much of the produce that will be used at the event. She will also be discussing some of her thoughts on growing food and how one can begin to create a garden which not only will grow food but also vegetables that are nutritionally dense and can be used medicinally to prevent as well as treat disease.

She will be teaming up with Rockland Roots Chef Brian Holbach to create a five-course menu with specific foods intended to help prevent cancer but also applicable to many other chronic degenerative diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and aging.

JULY 21st 2016 6PM- 8PM

Click HERE for more information on this event.