Urban Zen: Food Solutions - Navigating Cancer May 26th 2010 in NYC
Sunday, May 23, 2010 at 6:46PM
Pam in Cancer, Nutrient Density

Can diet heal, prevent and help us with cancer?  Hook Mountain Grower's Pamela Yee, MD will be discussing the role of food in the management of cancer including a discussion on organic food and nutrient density in farming.  She will be joined by Dan Kittredge, director and founder of the Real Food Campiagn.  Lectures will be by Dr. Yee, nutritionist Mary Beth Augustine and founder of Urban Zen, Donna Karan.  A full day of culinary education will be provided by Stefanie Sacks and Amanda Archibald including hands-on cooking to make food lifestyle changes and support health in the patient with cancer.

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