Who We Are

We are two medical doctors who practice in New York City and who view food as an integral part of health, both in a preventative sense, and also as a way to modify one's health and to affect the course of an illness or disease process.

For us, growing food has immense personal and political meaning. Personally, it connects us with the land while at the same time it offers us control over the quality and variety of our food. It also allows us to reduce our overall food costs, enables us to problem solve the challenges of small scale farming and at the same time it provides us with a daily mindfulness practice. Globally, it strengthens our bond with our community and enables us to play a part in environmental sustainability (less packaging, lower fuel use, less water run-off). Politically, we're making a larger statement that we don't approve of pesticides/herbicides and non-organic fertilizers, that we should not expect to eat non-seasonally without global consequences, that seeds should not be patented and that we should preserve the large biodiversity of different varieties of vegetables and fruits.

Aside from that, we really love eating and cooking!



Nestled between Hook Mountain and the Hudson River 30 minutes from Manhattan lies our homestead in Nyack, New York where food is organically grown and biodynamically influenced.  Our original intent was to provide organic, nutrient dense produce to feed ourselves.  There would be no question as to where the food came from and we knew that if it was grown with love, there would be nothing better we could provide for ourselves and our families.  With bio-intensive methods, it soon became apparent that we could start providing for others in the community as well and we intend to make our produce and plants available at local Farmer's Markets and to local restaurants.



Photo of engraving by William Wade, 1846